And There Is Always a But...

Sometimes I don't want anything, and it scares me. These are the time that I just stay in my bed and can't get up, because there is nothing in the world that I want.

There are times that I want to die, that is wanting something, right? so even I have to add a but!

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

@ Lacey: You are an inspiration, thank you<br />
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@ queen Marie: Thank you very, It's a joy to read your comment

Well.. on an upside.. you should want to get up and go on here because I like reading your stories and commenting :) .. On a more serious note... everybody feels like that at least one time in their life! Just try to keep positive and true to yourself and things will get better (I know, I know, a common statement.. but true )

Thank you, you are a treasure