No Way, Never!!

I guess that the reason that i don't want to have children is because i am terrified of pain it can bring people. Not just the physical pain of actually giving birth although that is definitely a MAJOR reason for me but also the emotional pain it can cause people, like my friend who just a day ago lost her baby boy to a miscarriage, she's absolutely devastated. She was so looking fore ward to having him and then got into a fight and a woman kicked her in the stomach and she lost him, she was 6 months along. Also what about postpartum depression, i have enough issues on my own with depression i really don't think that i need to make it even worse! It also probably doesn't help that all of my schools thought it was necessary to show us those horrifying birthing videos... yeah, definitely NOT something i think I'm ever going to be willing to do. i might adopt a child at some point but as far as actually having one of my own. I don't think it will but maybe i'll change my mind, so small a chance i can't give a percentage though, but as for now, i am NEVER going to have children.
raiven raiven
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2010