At Least Not My Own

I refuse to bring new life to this world.

I might adopt a baby when the time comes since they have already been brought to this world. I'd rather try and be the best parent to already born child than bring a baby on my own to this cruel, paradoxical, nonsensical place.
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8 Responses Jan 8, 2011

I'm the same too. I LOVE kids, but I don't want to have children (biological that is). I believe in adoption and foster care.

:) glad someone understands. Thank you both...

i couldnt agree more. ppl always ask me how i couldn not want a child of my own but helping a life tht is already here is better then bringing a life into the world

I hope they are safe littleLena!

thanks (",)

I feel the same.

Good for you! If I ever decide I want a child this will be the route I take as well. My genetics are not as important as a homeless parentless child's need for family.

lol well, i'll just hope that they don't =]