Ok so I need to vent a little right now. So I live with my mom in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom (with double sinks & washer/dryer hook-up) apartment, my went to spend the night at a co-worker/friend's & his wife's house (his name is Jason) sometime ago & they have 2 daughters both under the age of 10 who are home schooled by their mother. They live in the country & they go on walks in the woods, they go fishing & camping. Mama became friends with their oldest daughter Zoey & she told Zoey that on her dad's (Jason) next off days she could spend the night with us. Ever since then Zoey's been doing nothing but getting on Jason's nerves by talking about when it'll be time for her to come over & spend the night.

Now even though I don't want children & I do like them to a certain degree but at the same time I don't want to be around them or spend too much time with/around them & the best thing about babysitting my not yet 1 yr. old niece is giving her back to my brother & sister-in-law when they come to pick her up. Right now I really don't want Zoey to spend the night with us b/c again I don't like being around kids. But Zoey is coming on Father's Day weekend & Jason is picking her up the Monday after.

Yesterday mama comes home from work, it's her payday so she just got her check & we're going to Wal-Mart to get supplies & food (cause we don't ANY food in the house right now) for when Zoey stays the night. While we're at the store she tells me that at work she told my sister-in-law who we & everyone else call BB that Jason's daughter Zoey was spending the night with us & BB says that her girls (from a previous relationship) also 10 & under in age could spend the night too with Zoey & my neices Deriale & Kayla. Now I'm like: what? who told her that her daughters & my nieces could all spend the night how did this become a sleepover?! The plan was Zoey was the only one spending the night no one else.

So long story short after alot of talking about it while shopping mama decided to tell BB that the girls can't spend the night, they can visit but they can't stay. We just don't have room in our apartment for 5 girls & 1 baby girl plus we don't have a car & have to walk everywhere & mama's plan was for us & Zoey to walk to this sells snow cones & get snow cones & walk to these park trails with her b/c she's used to walking alot cause that's what her & her family does at home they go on alot of walks in the woods but the other girls can't do that & we'd also have the baby we just can't do it. So she's going to tell BB we can't keep the others & that they can only visit.

UPDATE: We ended up having a great time. Zoey is a great 10 yr. old girl.
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Glad it turned out as it did. I also live in Tyler. Care to brcome EP Friends and maybe do YM chat about common interests?