I have never understood why so many people assume that people who choose not to procreate are being "selfish." How is that selfish?
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Because some think that couples that choose to be childless are more concerned about material wealth than families. Personally I don't have an issue with those that choose not to have children. To each their own. Personally I would rather have more children than wealth.

They don't understand balance in this word everything has to have two sides to it even having kids. Some people people will have them and some will not. Kids are no different then any other choice in life they all have consequences. Good or bad

I think not having kids is one of the LEAST selfish things a person can do, especially given WednesdayFridayAddams's explanations. Parents are the selfish ones: they want to have as many children as they please, don't ever consider adoption unless they're sterile or only after they've already brought six of their own spawn into the world, expect tax credits and other taxpayer-provided benefits for doing so, don't bring them up properly and drag the brats EVERYWHERE while expecting everyone they come into contact with to smile and say, "Ooh, aren't they precious?" even if the kid is stomping around and screeching its g-damned head off ... The childfree get called selfish because parents are jealous that we're happy and don't feel guilty for not falling for society's insistence that having children is the sole purpose in life. I'm not a brainwashed automaton of societal engineering; I'll go my OWN way. What's important to me is my happiness and emotional health and a child would absolutely wreck the both of them. Yet, I'm selfish for not wanting one? OK, fine, I'm selfish -- and I also ain't changing one iota!

Refreshing post! :) thanks!

1000 likes-and just as bad are the pictures that get shoved in your face,the shakedown for showers and all the other crap(ladies,are you listening?)and the fact that any mother can blow off work whenever they want with some fake doctor's appt.which ALWAYS seems to happen on a sunny Friday.I've seen it.Oh,and let's not forget they always pull the family card on holidays and "they're only little once"s as if any single/childless person's family or friends are less important.