I Dont' Want Children?

I don't want kids... At least that is what I try telling myself when I see a woman pushing her gurgling poop machine through the depot.

I try to convince myself (and others) at least... I don't know who I'm trying to fool... I enjoy kids, I love their bright faces, their genuine laughs, even there heartbreaking cries. Heck, I've been dealing with children my entire life (my mother runs a daycare). But, then I just go right back to saying, "I don't want children."

I guess I envy those that have been blessed with probably one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humankind, or, I guess I "dare to be different" and step away from the uniformed life: school, work, marriage, kids...

I guess it doesn't help that I enjoy watching those 'baby newborn' shows on TLC, either.

I suppose in the upcoming future I will probably end up with my little bundle of poo and you know what? I will probably look back on this and say,

"What the hell was I thinking?"
TahliaHarper TahliaHarper
18-21, F
Sep 1, 2012