I really don't know why anyone would. I don't have anything against people who do become parents but I just can't understand why they would throw their lives away. First few years is cleaning up bodily fluids and clutter after someone who can't even have an intelligent and interesting conversation with you, while being sleep deprived. Putting shapes in a box is as exciting as it gets.

When they go to school you basically seem to make meals, entertain them doing things they want and potentially have to attend something like football games out in the cold just to show your support. Although I'll admit being able to teach them new things must be slightly rewarding.

Then comes the teenage years when they're difficult, argumentative and money grabbing. After which they leave, possibly costing yet more money if they go on to university.

Finally when they're adults themselves, they'll probably come to you for more money and childcare. There's also no guarantee that they'll be like you and if you weren't family, you probably wouldn't be friends with them. You may get lucky and get on really well but what's wrong with just having good friends, opposed to going through all this?

Some people might mention selfishness here and I'll admit it is but at the same time I've never heard a parent say they really didn't want kids but made that sacrifice for the world. They wanted kids, which is a selfish impulse too.

I feel like you wouldn't be able to relax or enjoy life fully anymore. You couldn't just blow money on yourself in case something happened and they really needed some help. You would always be worrying about them. Also right now I can say I don't give a damn about what's happening in the world, I don't care what happens to it after I'm dead. If I had kids I'd be worried about what the future held.

Being a parent seems to be full of stress, tiredness, worry, mundane work and poverty. I'm not being inflammatory but I would genuinely like to ask any parents out there why they wanted to bring new people into this world? I just can't understand it and it's really frustrating.
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It is in our genes, emotionally women get attached to the idea of parenting -playing with dolls and so on-, so mind focused on getting that feeling by choosing a successful mate to depend on emotionally, financially and for protection. The female thinks she will be in a lake of money and love for the rest of her life, growing up children who will pamper her for the rest of her life. The male thinks he would be surfing the sea of extreme **** he has been watching since 12 years old. And by those most probably false thoughts; babies make their escape to the world.
Biologically; the trick for the species to continue and maybe rule the world.
That's my personal opinion.

I am not a parent but being around kids makes you feel young