Ha! Me? a Mother?

I can't even keep a hamster alive.  I dread to think what I'd do to children.

Start with the fact that I can't/don't cook.  Spaghetti-O's and Pop Tarts again, kids!  Plus I'd warp their little innocent, impressionable minds.  "No, honey.  Trust mommy.  There really IS a monster under your bed, so be sure you climb in over the footboard at the end so it can't get you!"

I also wouldn't want to have to explain to them why the entire world seems to be at war with each other when we have species heading towards extinction, entire nations starving, our own people homeless, etc.  And then turn around and say, "It's okay, sweetheart.  When you're all grown up, it will be the responsibility of your generation to fix this mess that ours got us into."

Umm.  I'm also lazy, selfish, and a pain weenie.  I don't want the time and effort involved in motherhood, I don't want some little person demanding my attention all the time (even the cats give me a break once in awhile) and I definitely don't want the pain of childbirth.  
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Well said.The other part is so many women are pressured by their families to have kids.One of my friends was pressured by BOTH sides of her family plus her in laws to have kids.It doesn't help that both side are wildly religious.
She said they made her feel like a sow when they patted her belly and said"Oh.nothing for me yet.I'm getting older,you know."and got a divorce instead.Good for her.

Amen to that.

Well said

Ditto. I would have to be more organised, do things at a certain time. Living alone means I do what I want whenever, or never. <br />
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I wish people would mind their own business about my decision though. I don't think its selfish. Far more selfish to have a kid and neglect it than to use contraception and avoid one. The thought of the pain of labour, morning sickness too then the bloody nurses calling to check its tidy, well it won't be I am messy!<br />
<br />
The day I get a hot flush can't come soon enough.

same here... I dont want to bring a kid into this crazy world, plus my kids would be total demons.. no thanks haha

That's fine - it's good that you're honest and know yourself.


Hee hee. I am exactly the same. And there is no way I wanna pop out a thing the size of a watermelon out of my lady treasure chest. things go in not out lol

wow wow