The Gift of Sharing ... Not !!!

No she can steal mine instead ....... I will steal yours  .....

salar1 salar1
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Look if you really need an ambulance i will call one for you ;0)

Salar Dusty???? showing your age by the way whats up with whire Vans???

Try again

The link is not broken you just need to be really careful when you copy it over.

Arorin sorry dude link broken google signal here

Yes i really do.

LOL @ your exp group envy (deficiency) thingy salar...

ARORIN - YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
I love a good show tune

Ok go check .....

I posted a link to a sla<x>yer song on my first comment here.

M cant say Ive heard ......

Sla<x>yer is better.

Arion .... Arion ..... Dusty is well Dusty

What is dusty?

Hey Arorin !!! just listening to a little bit of Dusty This is real music here. You all need to update your taste.

Well I am suffering from experience deficiency syndrome<br />
or envy for short .. so Drew Chris lets go ....

I cannot get envolved in this experience group raiding plot. I have a reputation at steak here... hehe

Lead on mcDuff .......

now you're talking fishnet dude. <br />
'cept bonjove... he is a girlie man.<br />
oh wait, so is freddie - i'm so gender confused.

Hey guys - anyone feel like a raiding someone's experience groups? <br />
<br />
I hear BlueGa has a bunch, but I am not sure of the quality of the stuff.. kind of like the skunk weed of exp groups... just saying.<br />
<br />
But I hear Cripple Crow has a good selection. a delicious sampling...

Slowing down for a quick look at drew eyebrows raised<br />
m Bonjove then ..... M .. Queen ole freddie boy ? The stones then huh .?<br />
<br />
LoL x

1978 - Fleetwood Mac Rumors... oh yeah. those were the days.<BR><BR>I feel like I'm in a cheech and chong movie in this van... pass the pipe.<BR><BR>:: cough cough :: good stuff man.<br />
<br />
(me no likey Bruce.. or Billy Joel... give me Real Rock N Roll)

Drew how about a little bit Bruce The River perhaps...

Oh yeah... good tunes....

* cranking up the tunes *<br />
<br />
BTO <br />
BOSTON<br />
ELO<br />
<br />
~ party on Garth ~ head banging back and forth

Mine was white... it was a 70 something.. Ford I believe... and I think I remember it having a radio...<br />
<br />

It was red with go faster white stipes oh and a blue spot with graphic m graphic ...m .. what was it again

No... I don't think so.... lmao

Sorry chris what we talking about ...did i ever tell you i had a van .....

Ha! Your memory sounds as bad as mine...

No help here mate .... cant remember if ive switched the oven off ... better check ...

Yes... back then and maybe still... top of the line car audio. At least in my opinion. <br />
<br />
I wish I could remember what brand my booster/equalizer was.

Blue spot was the deal wasn't it Chris ....... Bro worked for Mercedes back then

Not good to open the windows flyin down those dirt roads anyway... hehe

Lets give boss hog a run for his money this is 1600 cc astra van just dont try and open the window ..... Oh music Drew your choice ......

I have a Blaupunkt with a cassett pla<x>yer... and the graphic equaliser/power booster. Eight speakers... that thing rocked. I never had the sub-wolfer though. I got plenty of base from the equaliser....

Ooh.. puttin' on my Daisey Dukes, little white tank toop and slidin' across the hood.<br />
<br />
Scoot over baby.

Blue spot Berlin in mine Chris ........ 40 wat box,s a sub woofer oh and a graphic equaliser ...... ( great when your brothers an auto electrician ) <br />
<br />
Drew pick you up at six ...... red van with the go faster <br />
white stripes just like starsky ... two toots be ready!!

I have no doubt. Thank goodness I was still young and innocent back then.

Haha!<BR><BR>The van was called the wrestle castle... hehe<br />
<br />
It was a white 72 Ford van. All customized... and it did have one kick *** stereo.

OMG - that's the cheesiest thing I've heard all day. ROCK ON! <br />
<br />
~ when this van's a rockin', don't come a knockin' ~<br />
<br />
(Is that Tom Jones playing in the background: 'pussycat, pussycat - yeah.. yeah, whoa )<br />
<br />
Easy there lampshade, your gold chains are getting mixed up in you chest fro.

No... it wasn't a water bed... too heavy... hehe<br />
<br />
There was a bed though.. ;-)

* dangles the fuzzy dice in your face *<br />
<br />
ah yes Salar - a Toy Boy would do nicely. You may be a bit shy in the number of expereince, but quality over quanity is my motto.<br />
<br />
I bet the lampshade had a waterbed in that van too.<br />
<br />
~ hey dude, don't bogart the... ~<br />
<br />
BlueGa - you best chill dude before I report you for DRAMA. You and your 1600+ experiences. I'm having to bring in an outside contractor to deal with your mess.... clean up your act.... 'I am in your pants' and I AM AWED BY NATURE.

LOL... yes... the dashboard light. Many memories...<br />
<br />
Blue... we need to devise a good plan here. Let me consult my security advisers. I'll get back to you... ;p

Drew is getting completely out of hand here.<br />
She must be stopped...

Drew you baby snatcher , if its a toy boy you want being as how iam only here five weeks .... see the L plates... x<br />
<br />
Aahhh 70s vans Chris .... oh the memories of when vans were vans ....things seen by the dash board light .....

I had a 70's van a long time ago... like back in the 70's... hehe

(only 50 to choose from) <br />
<br />
I'm left a little hungry here.. but they are Good groups.. not too lame. I think I can make something of these.<br />
<br />
*loads seedy 70s van*

*need to distract salar*<br />
<br />
"Hey Salar - the lampshade is calling you"<br />
<br />
*off to gather unsuspecting experience groups*