I like EP the way it is now. =)

On EP I am 100% honest with my thoughts and true feeling....

I love the way EP is. I don't worry about the things I'm telling you guys. If I'm having problems then I will write a story or a blog for all (if they want to) to see.... I may hide it after a few days but I know people have read so that basically means I've told somebody, I've let it out.

Now if this place turned into a myspace type site (with all my outside friends) then I wouldn't let my true feeling out.  

EP friends are awesome! They still choose to be nice and offer me support whatever I write. 



Achilles1989 Achilles1989
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1 Response Jun 6, 2009

No No Never ! lol<BR><BR>I'll leave if Ep turns to My space ,,<BR><BR>I cant be this open on that and I dont have my space <BR><BR>Even FB ,, Not even quarter of my info you could find there but Ep haha ;)