Gout Diet Why So Many Differences?

I just had my first bout flare up of gout and am trying to find out the right diet.  There seem to be many contradictory values placed on different foods.  Can anyone shed some light on this situation?   Where can i find a really good, lengthy list of foods?  How much can u eat of the good stuff?  Noel  Retired general contractor  good physical shape    age  82   6-2  175   very active in outdoor stuff.
noelstone noelstone
1 Response May 21, 2012

Hi noelstone, one constant in the diet is to include cherry juice. Cherry juice is excellent for gout. A company called Immunotec makes a high quality natural cherry juice concentrate, one bottle should last you a month or two, you can order it online at www.immunotec.com/delliott.prod.