I Should Not Have Given In!!

A few hours after I agreed to let my son stay with me and try to get into job corps I strongly REGRET doing so.  I don't want him in my life again.  He was terrible to me after I took care of his adult behind for a year and a half and then he tells me that I said he had ruined my life when HE is the one who said that to ME.  He's crazy on top of being lost.  He got fired from another job because he wasn't going into work and just like before he blamed somebody else instead of taking the responsibility for himself.  There is a city bus that would have taken him to work but he said his roommates didn't give him rides when they said they would and he missed work.  I wish he would stay with his older sister until he goes into job corps.  I'd still help him go through the process but I don't want him around where I live again.  I couldn't sleep because I don't want him in my house disrupting my daily's and using me.  He doesn't appreciate anything that I did for him and gave me his butt to kiss when he left back in August.  I've decided that I am going to where he spent the night to tell him that I would rather he stay with his sister and let me help him from there instead of having him in MY house.  She's let everybody and their dog live with her so I'm sure she can stand having him there for a month or two.  If not then he's got a situation and he might as well go on back to where he was for the last seven months and do whatever he had planned.  I love all of my children but they have been so mean and ungrateful  as adults that I don't like them.  I'm a quick fix for them when they have  trouble and I get nothing back for my efforts at helping them out not even a thank you.  I can't help thinking how he waited at the bus plaza for me to come through with my grand daughter like some stalker just to make sure I saw him and would give in and take him back into my home and his ploy worked.  He knows that I want him to be successful and have something and he is using my concern for him to get back around me.  I hate being manipulated.  He's a big time liar and not just to me either.  All that will come back on him like it has a tendency to do and he won't have anybody to turn to because he keeps closing doors with his actions.  I am his mother and I don't want him around this time.  That tells what kind of a person he is.  I wanted to have my own place, my own space, my own everything and here it is I'm hurting myself again over one of my crummy adult off spring.  I wish I could just be left alone!!!

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

cut the kitchen cord and let him fly off, even if you have to kick him out. He should be a man by now, not a little boy. Let him figure out where to live. If he had to balls to come home, he should have places to go elsewhere. Friends, and so on.