No, I Don't Want To Spawn, Thank You.

I've never really been the motherly type. I was a serious child, and I didn't get on with children then, and I still don't now. I understand that a lot of people think of having children as the centre/ purpose of their lives, it's quite natural. I also think it's natural to be a little different ( maybe it's the planet telling us to stop crowding her?), and not having kids is my choice.

Of course it may be my choice, but those who have friends who now have kids know that your relationship will never be the same again. The people who you used to drink/ club/ have fun with have changed into people who talk about baby clothes, and nappy rash. My last childless friend has just gotten pregnant. So I will have to look else where for drinking buddies :-(
Psywren Psywren
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I see people who i knew at school with their spouses and kids and i cant help but feel a little left behind, as if im stuck at a point in my life were ill never move on from. I was never sure if i would ever have kids but it was something that my gf wanted and so i thought i did to.<br />
Im now single and no my mind, i dont want kids, im not saying it will never happen, but if it does i dont think it will be by choice lol

I am looking for groups of women and men who share the same sentiments that we do. hope there are a lot of us.