"You'll Change Your Mind When You're Older!"

No, no I will not change my mind whe I'm older, and i'm tired of hearing people say that. Is it so wrong for me to know what I want, and stick to my beliefs? Growing up, before I had ever thought seriously on the subject, it seemed like parenthood was a choice. Some people had children, some didn't. But it wasn't until that I decided that it wasn't for me that people really showed their hostility and disbelief at the decision. No one can ever seem to just accept it and move on, it's always, "Proposterous!' or 'You'll change your mind." Obviously not wanting kids isn't as common as I once thought. Which is a shame, because there are some people that really ought not have kids.

But i've never seen myself as that mother figure. I don't really like children, and I don't have the patience for them. Women seem to take all the punishment, where as men act as though being a '***** donor' is fufilling their position as fathers. And the argument about spreading my genes, or keeping the family line is no good. There aren't any admirable qualities I feel in dire need to spread, especially since you don't get to choose who will inherit what.  Plus children always seem to grow up ungrateful or completely unrelatable. Then there's what pregnancy does to your body- yikes! And lastly, and I don't feel terribly bad for saying this, i'm sort of selfish. When I find someone I love and want to be with, I don't want to share them with anyone else, (a.k.a., a child.)

Anyways, I hope the paragraphs above don't sound like a rant, I was trying to sound reasonable. But if anyone has seen the first five minutes of the movie 'Idiocracy,' that is always what I think of when people bring up having children.
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FORGET ABOUT THE 'Idiocracy MOVIE! One day this planet will be sucked into the SUN! there will be no one here no humans will exist.( but... thinking again at this... humanity will be destroyed sooner)> I say,what you have to do is to live your life like its the last. If you fell like you dont want children ever, dont have it. sometimes we have to "send" people to many places ^^ and forget about their opnion. good lucky. Never forget your dreams.

MadAffright, I feel the SAME way! I am the only daughter and when I told my Mom I don't want to have kids she was, to say the least, disapointed in me. She blamed my fiancee saying that I was just being inluenced by him b/c he doesn't want kids either! She already has 3 grandkids by my two brothers and their wives, isn't that enough?! She also constantly says, "Well you'll change your mind later." NO I WON'T!!! She also says (when I'm nice to my nieces), "See? You'd make a wonderful mother someday!" I don't want to ignore my nieces just to get the point across! That's just cruel to them. If anyone has any advice for me I'd really appreciate it.

Oh yes! I'm 100 percent on board with you. The only thing I hate more than "you'll change your mind." is the dreaded question of "are you pregnant?" <br />
Finially I learned to say "yes, it's your husbands (or boyfriend's, etc) ladies it shuts them up right away! I never had a problem after that last comment I gave to them. Seriously try it sometime.

it is a choice or it's supposed to be and you are making the right one for you better than haing a kid you never really wanted and it growing up knowing that

Yes, I fully agree with this. I hate this world treats women. I hate the roles that society makes for women. And I can't stand the fact that doctors won't let a women get her "tubes tied" unless she has two kids or is around 30 years old. That's not fair. We don't want kids and the world should accept that.