Does Pressure From Moms/friends/family Force Some Women To Have Kids?

I just don't have the maternal desire for a baby. I appreciate the strong women who give birth and are good mothers. And it's not that I do not like kids. I don't mind my friends or families kids. Maybe like a few. But me and my serious boyfriend both have no interest of having any ever. So many people pressure you to. Like family and friends. And are just do sure that I will. But honestly it's not where I see my life going. I do Want to marry and have a beautiful life and marriage. But I want it to be traveling and seeing the world and being free. And beable to focus on my career or my husband or anything else I may want. I can think of better things than spending my money time patience youth and body on kids. I see the beauty in it. Dont get me wrong. And I see the love and how happy it probably makes some people. And I'm so happy for the people who love it. But children do not hold a soft nor warm spot in my heart. I'm close to my friends baby but I don't want to baby sit it or hold it. I don't get excited and warm and fuzzy when they tell me their pregnant or want to see it just sooo bad once it's born. The while concept just isn't that thrilling to me. I also do not think my life will be unfulfilled if I don't have any.

Is it so bad that we don't want kids? Why are people do pushy about it? We want to see the world do things and just have a great life together enjoying it together. Why are people so sure you will have kids? Do people end up getting pressured into it?
I was born and raised in a small country town where the thing to do is get married and pop out babies. But I just never have had the desire. I don't mind if people have kids and love them. It's danm hard kudos to them. But I don't shove my lifestyle down their throat. Why do they??
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People are too pushy. My wife and I met when we were so old that we were afraid we wouldn't be able to have healthy children, and now we're glad we didn't. There is no way we could have mustered up the energy to properly care for them!