Anyone Feel Like Childhood Is A Big Lie?

       People spend 10+ years of all their time and energy sugarcoating and protecting kids from things they are going to find out as a teen anyway. Lucky to have a decent childhood to look back on cause later years don't hold up. I'm angry at my parents for brainwashing me with organized religion and traditions that aren't all. They loved me when I was young, now along with all my relatives complain and treat me as an outcast because I don't want children.
      I hate the transitions kids go through. They are different at 4, 7, 12, 18 yrs of age. Personality could turn 180. You live in la la land looking at life through rose colored glasses to then be smacked in the face later. I guess I'm just paranoid but I can't fathom bringing a child into this world, especially my world. I will try to aid those already here for everyone deserves a good childhood. Its nice to have that one thing to look back on later.
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I don't want any children brought into this world that are not wanted. And certainly think that it is okay not to have children. As a parent, it is our job the take the feral little creatures and try to make them human. I have 6 kids, and feel we really didn't get it all figured out until the last two. Every time a kid would go into another growth place, my wife would say that it was just a stage. And looking back, she was probably right. We also had several foster kids, and they certainly seemed to have parents that shouldn't have been parents. It's a thin line on how to keep your kids safe, and also let them go out into the world knowing what it is like. Your story certainly caused me to go back and look at being a parent and raising kids.