Too Many Reasons..

I'm 25, married almost 2 years, and my husband and I have agreed we don't want children.

First of all, it's not a "selfish" issue, even though I do enjoy the child-free life my friends with children don't have (but they really do LOVE it).  This world, society, everything, is just horrible.  God bless it's a free country, other than that, we are absolutely out of control.  People are becoming parents when they really shouldn't be.  I don't want to make my child have to suffer in this world the way it is, nor shelter them so much from it they will be psychologically malfunctioned.

That's my biggest reason.  Trust me, there's more but I won't get into it.

My parents married in 1972 and I wasn't born until 1982 because my Mom thought the "world was not good" to bring her child into it.

Now I know how she felt.

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3 Responses Jun 26, 2007

I'm glad you're with a partner who shares your sentiments with regards to kids. A lot of times, there's a mismatch in this that leads to a lot of trouble.<br />
You have your reasons and you're making the right choice. Children are a life-long committment and you should only have them if you REALLY want to.

@ Peterpan Do you propose then that people who don't want them be forced to have them? Yeah, resentful, miserable parents raising children they don't want will definitely make the world a better place too. You don't understand that Children are with us FOR LIFE, Period. You don't understand that you risk your life giving birth to one, lactate at the sound of ANY baby crying, and ultimately limit your potential by having children. Just because we are women and can have them doesn't mean we HAVE to. We are women, not cattle, I believe we have more purpose and potential than just to repopulate the planet.

The world has always been a horrible place and it will always be. Let's all stop giving birth to children and let the humanity die out. Yeah, brilliant idea to make this world NOT a horrible place.