The Arguments Against Me Make Me More Inclined Not to

I do not and have never wanted children. It's not that I hate children. I just cannot relate to children, let alone cope with the irreversible responsibility that comes with bringing any into the world.

People think I'm crazy. One reason is because I'm Mormon. Our religion teaches that, if you're physically capable of having children, not having them goes against the will of Jesus Christ. Please! I may not have the physical deficiencies, but even so, if the Lord wanted me to be a father, He would not have given me Asperger's Syndrome or the anxiety issues I have. (I am not suggesting God gave me these conditions to be mean.)

Another argument---by Mormons and non-Mormons alike---is that you need to have the "blessing" of children. Yes, having a three-year-old monster jump on my abdomen at 6:00 A.M. EVERY MORNING is definitely a blessing. When I say that, though, people then say, "Well, you'll find blessings in having children when you actually have them." Yes, well, every blessing has responsibility---and in this case, it's a responsibility that cannot be undone.

Third, while I'm not a feminist, I think the whole process of producing and bearing children is exceedingly unfair on the female partner. If you need me to explain myself here, then you must have failed health class.

Lastly, there are those people out there who don't even argue me---they say I WILL have children, and that trying to fight against it is a futile battle. (These people also failed health class.) They make it sound like it's a curse, like being a Dad is something that will come to me whether I want it to or not. Thanks, but I beg to differ.

Will I change my mind? I don't know. But all of these swords being swiped against my shield just make me more inclined to fight harder against embracing parenthood.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

thanks for sharing. i agree. its not that i dont love children. i do love photogaphing them (not in a creepy way)and i love spending time with them. but i love going home to my own bed and wake up not at five am. i like to be able to be on my own, but still have contact with kids. i just dont want them! my family are big breaders, i mean big, so i can understand your point of view, i am 19 and my dad is expecting me to have 6 kids by the time im 27! i told him where he could shove that idea! He has a backward thinking that the youngest female, aka, me, has to ave the kids, i have no option of a career. thanks dad!! lol!!!<br />
you are young and what you decide is completely up to you. never forget that!!<br />
peace<br />
xx<br />