I had a miscarriage. If my baby was still alive, s/he would be one and one month old right now. I always wanted kids and get married.. As I got older, the more I realized it won't be worth the stress. I love kids and they loves me but I can't see myself as a mom or a wife anymore. I baby sat my cousin... realized I don't want one of my own. If I wanted to spend time with kids, I got my family or friend's kids to see. I don't want to have baby then go work and not see her/him for 8 hours a day. It just seem pointless if I wanted a baby because I'm not going to see them a lot. It slowly came to me that I only wanted to get married and kids is because it's acceptable in the society. Now my true choice is no kids and no marriage.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Sorry for your loss, but babies are amazing, maybe someday you will change your mind, along with stress they bring great joy

Sorry about the loss of your baby, give yourself some time I think you may start to think differently

Why would you say that? She doesn't want kids and doesn't need people pressuring her into following societies idea of happiness.