Why I Dont Want Kids...

Kids are nice sometimes, and there is a sense of pride in making a child happy, but there are a few reasons I dont want them:

1.  Theyre loud
2.  They smell
3.  They are expensive
4.  You can't send them back
5.  I have all kinds of weapons lying about the house, and don't want to be the reason my kid went and blew away half his school.
6.  I never had a good relationship with my dad, and will probably end up just like him, so I wouldn't be able to care for the kids the way I should.  Maybe I will get a goldfish instead...

so maybe some of my reasons are better than others, but thats why I dont want kids.
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They teach you a lot too... like how to be less selfish, patience and they show us unconditional love and what is really like. My children helped me grow into and adult and heal from my wounds. They made me realise i had a choice i was not my parents and not the wounded kid i once was. That i could choose to be different.. they helped me to work on myself so they would not have to carry it for me. and i do not hink i would have ever done that if i had not been blessed. they taught me how to give out of love and not resent having to do it.. that is a great feeling. I never wanted kids, but realised it was just a defence to save me from having to deal with the pain of my scars. Which my friend is what i understand as being the path you picked for yourself in order to help heal others, sounds like a lot of lessons and messages so far ??. The journey of the healer. Or maybe not... just one opinon thats all.

have you ever thought kids might not want you lol.

See - you're smart. You recognize that your preferred lifestyle won't mesh with Cheerios, projectile vomit, tantrums, having to be nice to your kids friends and their parents, and spending 1/2 your paycheck on diapers<br />
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I know this is an older post - but had to chip in and comment