My Story

Hi, Im ashleigh. im making this public. this is my story of why i need this blog. im always constantlyy fighting with my mother and sometimes my father. its always about something so stupid too. i go to bed crying myself to sleep. my brother is a pot head druggie and he does nothing but party and hes only 15. Hes gonna fail out of highschool and my parents could give a ****. im 3 years older then my brother. right now im 19 and i still dont have enough money to move out. though i know my parents would absolutly LOVE it if i did. Im not my parents biggest fan. basically booze is. theyre always drinking and im here trying to get a degree and make something out of my life. as soon i can do that im getting the **** outta here. i really need to get away. so this blog is my get away until then. enjoy.
xoxoashleighmaexoxo xoxoashleighmaexoxo
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012