There are many minors on Ep. I actually do not mind in a way cause they have their own things they deal with and need help from others when they cannot talk to their parents or friends.  I also disagree with them being on cause of the maturity on this site.  Not proper for them to read or hear about it.  Many are youngsters and have different age title and this is dangerous.
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Have I told you that I am thirteen years old? ;-)

I would of died if that were true ;)

Well I'm glad you didn't think it was then! ;-)


You're not allowed to die! We just became friends!!! :-)

I know and I don't want to. I want to keep being friends too. :)

That's fantastic! Guess I better not die either then! ;-)

You better not or else I'll kill you! lol :P

LMAO Now who is a "killer" ;-)

lol :P ... I knew you would laugh at that! :D

I did! TTYL

Good :) Later

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This is the problem with many areas of morality in this country and the world!

I agree..