Finding Balance

I have an emotional and logical side. I wish I could have the first one more in check,especially when it comes to love. The fact is in matters of the heart it is impossible to think straight. It is a feeling so it is pure 100% emotion.

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1 Response Aug 17, 2009

Have you asked one of your parents, why did you marry dad/mom? He/She would probably answer, "because we loved each other." Not many people get married logically, hence the divorce rate 50%. Nonetheless, we're human. It's more fun to follow your heart in the beginning. When the initial passion cools down and couples realize where they are, those that stay committed no matter what the circumstance define true love. My father and my mother live apart in different countries for business reasons, but they still call and email each other every day. Still these days when I ask my father "why did you marry mom?" he would answer, "I don't know." I think love loses its beauty when logics are involved.