He is getting out of hand. He's professing his undying love for me. We dated when we were 14 were both almost 18 now. I've moved on cuz I had no choice. He left me out of the blue and now he's the one begging me to be his again. To be honest I think he just wants to get laid. 98% of the stuff he says to me has to do with getting pictures, sleeping with me, and how attractive I am. If you really truly loved me all these years you wouldn't have been verbally abusive in our relationship and you wouldn't have ignored me for 2 and a half years to randomly pop into my life again. I don't trust you and your word means nothing to me anymore. Even if it did I'm not interested in dating anyone. Especially not you who has hurt me emotionally and is addicted to drugs and doesn't have a high school diploma. You sitting here telling me about how hard you used to get when we kissed isn't gonna change my mind. To be honest it's getting kinda creepy to hear about how much you think about me. I wanna be your friend but your making it super hard to be that.
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You should definitely block him. He's stuck, and you're obviously not. Don't let him stop your flow :) (Hopefully that was a good metaphor lol)