Odds Aren't In My Favor

I think people mainly judge me because of stereotypes, and let me tell you the odds aren't in my favor, i'm blonde, a teen and Colombian.
So this supposedly makes me a stupid drug dealing rebel. Joy.
I am non of those. I may be blonde but my intellect surpasses most people my age. I believe that all teenagers have different levels of maturity, and hell if people my age want to go to the club with fake IDs, get drunk and do drugs, thats all up to them. I am a good daughter and i am pretty sensible about what goes on around me. Also just because I'm from Colombia does not mean that i would ever want anything to do with drugs. I have seen drugs destroy a person i love and that impacted me way tooooo much to become a drug dealer. I've never even seen drugs! Okay well i have seen random people get high at the mall, but thats besides the point. I dont want people to look at me and think they've got me figured out.
natora natora
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2007