Am I Already That Crazy Cat Lady?

I reeealy don't want to beconme a crazy cat lady, but someone's gott'a do it :)

I know 2 ladies with mental past and both of them claim that cats spoke to them...

they should both thank the lord they were born 500 years later...

so anyway... Am I destined to be the not married crazy cat lady? or will i actually find true love that will save me from tghis fate?

shivashiva shivashiva
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Cats are always there and can't get out of the house! I am going to be a crazy cat lady! I love cats! cats are awesome!

cats never divorce you!

Lovis4u! I couldn't agree more. that's why I love animal so much. they love you no matter what. humans are often suprising.