Hilarious In Cartoons, Not In Reality

Nope! I don't want to be the crazy cat lady! Though, that may happen for me! I do love cats and treat them like fellow human beings. I speak with them, as if they could understand english. :-/

But, if I stay alone for the rest of my life, never having a serious relationship... If I lived alone... I could see myself collecting cats! And then going crazy, tossing them at people who pass by my house... or chasing people down the street, tossing cats! Sure, it was how Lisa Simpson got her new cat "Snowball"... but I don't think it would be all that helpful to toss cats at children in real life. :-o

Let's hope I find a soulmate soon! =p

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

It is ok to have lots of pets and a soulmate too :)