No More Cats Please!!!!!! Help!!!!!!

I am not the only one experiencing this problem in my neighborhood. I've joined here after doing some googling around today and my situation looks not so good. My goal is to not take on anymore cats. I am actually open to someone adopting the cats I have. It is now February and some strays are coming to the door. These cats have been around awhile and we thought they belonged to the neighbors, but although they will rub on us and come in the house for warmth and food, they don't want to be handled and aren't litter trained. Cats that don't want to be handled may not be adoptable, and would go into euthenasia at out local shelter. I know there are no cat owner wanna-be's knocking down their door, because in February, whether you want a cat or not all you have to do is open your door.

As I look around on the internet I am finding out some interesting things about feral cats, and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to coordinate with my neighboors about maintaining the feral community here. Yes, seriously maintaining the feral community. Some of us have had the approach of capture and bring to shelter. We all know what really happens to them then. Or capture and bring in to their homes. However, no sooner a feral cat is removed another comes right in and takes its place. Apparently, by neutering and return (an actual effort endorsed by the ASPCA), this sad cycle can be managed. Its called TNR - trap, neuter, return and it involves also tipping the left ear of the managed cats during neuter, so they are identifiable and left in the feral communtiy and recapture is avoided, then new kittens born in the wild are greatly reduced.

My present problem that has me searching the net, however, is what to do with the cats that aren't really feral, but aren't really adoptable either. These are the ones that want to be in your house, or need you to feed them, but aren't litter trained or don't want to be handled. What if you can't or don't want to take them in? What if they can't survive as feral?

Everyone I know who takes in cats is at maximum capacity, too.

And we have neighbors who take in kittens every spring, many of those will be the next cat at our doors this winter or next.

So while I gear up to get my community together and involved with feral maintenance and spay neuter of pets... I need to find a home for this new female. I think I know who "owns" her. If her old family won't take responsibility for her, and I can't find her a home, she'll have to go to the shelter.

Its all I can do. Humans have a right to a managed quality of life, too. And being overrun with with pets is not fair to us, and the pets we are struggling to keep up.

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I fed several outside neighborhood cats in my old place. And did the TNR. Sometimes they just have to be outside cats even if not feral. No real owner but folks in the neighborhood feeding them at least. Good luck. It can be really hard.