I Always Am Though

Whatever I do, I never do it right. I'm always gonna be a huge disappointment to my parents.

I had a chance to prove them wrong, but I think I've missed it. Just 2 more weeks left to get my O'levels results, then I'll really know if I've been a disappointment or not. But I have a feeling that I'll fail them once more. And my 'feelings' always come true.

That will truly be the tipping point for me. I don't know if I'll be able to bear to see their disappointed faces one more time.
DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

The only way you can prove to others that your good enough is by proving to yourself that your good enough. So before you keep going out of your way to make your parents proud, you have to make yourself proud. I always felt that my sister was treated better than me because my parents hung her art work on the wall, but they never hung my poetry on the wall, so I felt like I wasn't good enough. Then when I realized I was good enough I noticed my work got better and my parents noticed it to and now I have a poem hanging in our living room wall. I know there proud of me as long as I believe in myself. All you got to do is believe in yourself and I bet your parents will believe in you to.