Abort Mission, Planet Human, Life On Earth...

    I came to earth with a mission.
I still have the  mission, life is not over, but, quite frankly I wish it were.
All the talk of 2012, well there is no prophecy and I am tired of hearing the nonsense about it, it is a date in a calender of Native American Civilization, not a prophecy.
    I cannot get a straight answer about that from anyone.Are we going into the 5th sun, or is it only the 12th baktun, or was it
So anyway, there is this thing with the Pleiadians...I am growing more and more suspicious of these people, whom I thought were my own soul group.
How can we know here anyway what really goes on when we have instant thought transmission, faster than the speed of light, and then we have the fact that the pleiades are 100's of light years away, and the two are constantly changing and conflicting.
    My brain cannot handle it.
I noticed more than once though that while talking to people, I would just lose my train of though, dead.
Then I realized it was an intuition, that the person I was talking to suddenly just lost interest or became distracted...like "what's in the fridge?"..What's on the TV?"
   So I stopped wasting my time trying to strong-arm the thoughts of the people who weren't interested, and it is so much easyer.
You get that sense of duh...and drop it, cause really you are wasting your breath.

  What a contradiction though.I AM a leader.
What I want seems not to matter much at all.
I begin to stand firm for all I feel and believe, and others follow.
I do not change my mind about the truth.I learn the facts.It's always been this way.

 I am a poet, an author, a scholer of every school of science, religion, and yes, politics as well(though I dispise it).
I have also done my share of entertaining.I think I must have done alot of that in past lives cause it always is so easy to do, even playing all the most popular instruments and singing, but it doesn't fulfill me.The world, or civilization... this particular society I live in has too many distractions as it is.
First, politics.Then all sports and celebrity.Sports is a substitute for hunting and war.Celebrity is a substitute for experience.
I consider all three to be a travesty, and as for politics, it's all a show.Politics is not the government, politics is not religion, politics is not science, but politics abuses what it can all the time and looks alot like a mixture of all the best and worst of both sports, and celebrity.
  If anyone believes the government is in politics, you are lost.The "government" does not even exist.The world is run by factions, it always has been this way, only in this day in age these factions have become stronger, smarter, more greedy, the beast has evolved, it's hunger is undieing.
The world is run by billionaires who hire millionaires to make all their wildest dreams come true, yes, that is right.That is the government.
One mutibillionaire has a conflict with another multibillionaire, but these days we don't call it noble here or there, the best billionaires hide well.
I have my doubts that celebrities are even real, would any world leader, entertainer, or sports manager/owner show their faces on TV considering the trouble they could get themselves in?
 Connections people, it is all about connections and I will tell you now, if you are not living in the world of the billionaire, you are feeding it, I am feeding it just by letting others take note...or am I.
 Just by telling the truth, instantly millions, or some relative number of people know, they know that these nobles, these billionaire, modern day kings and queens are living in a dream world unlike anything you have ever imagined but wait.
 It really is unlike anything the common person has ever imagined.
Not a moment is boreing.I am talking only about those who endure, the big ones, the Trumps, the Eisenhowers.
The ugliest most beautiful and terribly dangerous monsters alive.
 You can't put a face on power.
What I identify with could have so many levels,I wake up one day, dead to a world I thought I was living in, and realize it was all a mistake.
Then I continue the dream on from there only this time I am living without my mistakes.
  I think we all keep doing this, graduating level by level...there is a level where you stop forgetting the past.I mean even past lives.
But how do I know about past lives?Well, I know one thing, every time I ever went unconscious...including the first time I woke up when I was born, every single time I went to sleep, I woke up.
       I have woken up every day for my whole life.
It is the only thing other than one other thing that never fails.
  As far as being a leader is concerned, I was doing pretty good for awhile.Then an old mistake came back.
  So now, I get to play loser till I rejoin my strongsoul.
       Maybe the Egyptians had it down more accurately, or voodoo practicioners, with 4 and 5 levels or kinds of spirits, parts of a person.
But then again, those Egyptians inbred way too much, and they died, and the voodoo people has a nasty earthquake recently, so nature apparently does not agree so much.Then there was the hurricane, all around in voodoo town. 
 It's because people get selfish, not because voodoo is wrong.
 The Egyptians were not necessarily wrong either, the power moved, the gods are still worshipped in secret today by many.
Those are the gods of this world.They too are mortal, and there is big trouble in this world.
   I once woke from a death and saw an aweful war, all had forgotten why they were fighting, and everyone was doing everything by ritual and habit.
I shouted "stop", "you are all dirinving me insane"... and there was silence in my room for I forget how long.But I do remember alot of other things surrounding that incident that I would very much like to perhaps forget.
  If not forget, maybe one day make sense of it all.
Insane gods, fallen angels, I can not believe it....prisoners in this world, souls that don't want to be here and can't remember how they got here, so they don't even know if they can ever get out.
   I saw that too.I got to where I could see the end of the line, death point blank, and there was nothing else.Just other times, just this world down to the bone, objects could not make up their minds on where to stay, names could not decide what to say, colors would forget what their own meanings were and change...and no one noticed but me, just that one day.
   There is so much to talk about.So few who believe.
 I am so glad so few believe, because of all the things I could  have, fame is not one I would ever want.
 It seems writing keeps getting me there, mostly poetry, but nah, I won't tell.
 Just like Mark Twain, who was he anyway?
 I forgot, other than his real name wasn't Mark Twain.
 On that note, I leave in superstitious coinciodence on 12:22:22,  oh just missed it by one.Good.
   I had hoped the year of doomsday would be so much brighter.But I never liked the sunlight anyway.
   Speaking of Sunlight, what a friendly creature the Sun must be to not simply fry us right off the Earth..and people say there is no God, well, there is Nature, and that is where all the answers are to all the biggest questions.As for a leader, the Sun makes a great leader, but maybe we could take an idea from the Ancient Egyptians and respect the Sun a little better.
   After all, that monster nuclear fireball creating billions of megatons of energy per second shooting off random flares doesn't seem to phase us in the least.It's been 10,000 years or more since we got one that wiped all the life out.
 Just ask the Sphynx.

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