Society And Our Cultural Interaction With Others

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

No truer statement has ever been made. Our society has faltered and appears to have lost its direction; society no longer feels the need to treat our fellow humans with respect. The recognition of another individual and to treating them with respect has disappeared with the advent of our cellular society. Treating others with respect and kindness, such as most do with their friends, is fast becoming extrinsic as technology progresses.
To treat another individual with respect and kindness is born within all of us; we all want to be treated with respect and kindness, but yet we fail to recognize how we are treating others. Our society today is changing so rapidly that our industrial society has become a cellular/internet technological society. We now find more importance in talking or chatting with someone at the other end of a connection or a wireless server in only God knows where.
Not too many years ago, it was common practice to say hello when meeting a stranger on the street, it was not giving them a, go to hell expression, when they brush your arm that is holding your world to your ear. I remember a time when small talk was something you did with a store clerk or cashier, not an inconvenience to you when they ask for your money to pay for the soda you just purchased.
I find it personally upsetting and I find these people rude and inconsiderate of others; to see their fellow human companions, treated like a second class citizen. It is a sad day to see our society changing.
On a second level, media usage patterns are anchored in social habits, norms and expectations. Thus, there may be expectations among interactive users that Instant messages shall take place every evening, or that a SMS is answered by another SMS, not by an Email or a call.
The more media choices are governed by such normative expectations, the less they will correlate with subjective preferences or considerations of “rational choice”. As recent studies have convincingly shown, the almost ubiquitous intensive usage of Email and mobile phones in current society is indicating the presence of strong social norms (Geser, 2007). I see young children falling into the trap, so engrossed in the internet, missing the beauty of a spring day, or playing in the park with other children. My heartaches for all the children that never witness the beauty of nature; only if they would take a break from the internet and the cell phones to learn kindness to their fellow man.
“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good” (Jackson, 1784). This statement has tremendous value and meaning. For a man to go out of his way to treat a complete stranger with kindness; when have you subjected yourself to this God Forsaken sin? Where will are societies be in fifty years? That answer truly scares me; let alone the fact that I would 109 years old. To smile and nod at another is not a lost art yet, but I fear that it will soon be and when that day happens, I will be ready to take my last breath and to close my eyes a final time to the sunlight.
TheSteeleBeast TheSteeleBeast
61-65, M
Nov 6, 2012