I don't like the way people act. Things I C bring me down first off the youth stay high on drugs. They think their smoking marijuana but oh no that stink stuff I smell is messing up their brains. People R behavin like animals don't care where they litter Not bein conscious of preventing the spread of germs, it's so disgusting. I pray now I pray for God to help me not to judge
Tema11 Tema11
3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Yes I agree with hergs. You should take more responsibility for investigating the information you call fact. Since your dead wrong. Instead of pointing fingers at cannabis, saying it messes up brains, how about you use yours in the first place?

Marijuana isn't the issue sorry to inform you...the problem lays with how our society operates and the breakdown of family structure. The most dangerous drugs are pharmaceutical drugs which ARE legal and are peddled to us in droves . The pharmaceutical companies can't profit off of a plant which is why marijuana has been demonized all these years.
Show me one piece of evidence that marijuana destroys the brain please. Educate yourself about marijuana first before you just regurgitate what you've learned from disinformation.

Aww... I think not all of them are bad apples. :)