I Hope This Brings Hope

Most of the time it is the small things that matter, and for this story that is surely the truth. A silly little conversation between two young girls sitting on a bed who probably wouldn't ever see each other again that changed my outlook on life.
Her name was Hyun-Soo and we talked about virginity, boys and, of course, love. I said how I always feel so different not being into that falling in and out of love all the time. If it leaves you as quickly as the wind it isn't love, but still I kept thinking "will I ever be alone?"
That is when she told me a story her mother had told her, a story from Korean mythology I will retell as best I can even though nothing will ever be close enough to that night.
Before grandmama goddess* puts the babies in their mother's stomachs she takes a baby boy and a baby girl and ties one end of an invisible string to each of their ankles. That way, even after the babies are born they will be connected, for as sure as the string can't be seen it can't either be broken. Time will come when the string will grow smaller and smaller, taking the people closer together until they finally meet but it will not, and can not, do so unless it is time, until they have learned what they must learn in order to live happy and harmoniously together. The string cannot fail because it knows both the girl and the boy, the man and the woman, and it cannot grow longer, only shorter as the experience of life brings the man and the woman together until they meet each other as a unity instead of two parts.

I recognize what so many have written, the fear of ending up alone always, but this story changed my outlook so much and I hope it will make a difference for someone else. No matter what happens the one that is waiting for you comes closer, live life as best you can and one day he, or she, will be there. When I feel alone this story is what comes to me and even though I have doubted, there's a part of me that truly believes this.

*don't remember the name.
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keep writing and keep learn from live it will always make u stronger and stronger

really i love this stroy and its giving me hope... thanks alot