Being Single Sucks!

Freedom - n. the absence of or release of ties or obligations.

When I was married, there was a part of me that wanted to be free to do the things I want the way I wanted to do them.  Ugh.  Freedom isn't always what it is cracked up to be.  Yes now I can do those things...but I have nobody to share the fun or happiness with.  Even silly mundane things like grocery shopping used to be an adventure.  Now, its a chore.  Yuck.  I wait until the cupboards are bare and the thought of McDonald's AGAIN makes me throw up a little in my mouth.  The monthly squabble over how bills would manage to get paid was somehow more fun together than now that I control it and they get paid easily.  Sharing life with someone through good and bad makes every good time better and most bad times more tolerable.  The worst parts of life seem to be when these ties with another person ends.

Attraction - n. a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices

Now that I am single and seeking to change this status, I'm finding it nearly impossible to attract a new partner.  Men have several methods they use to try to attract women; whether its through looks, comedy, intelligence, money, kindness, etc.  I have no freakin idea what I should be using.  My default seems to be "date my friend's sister."  Thats all fine and good until you run out of friends that have sisters.  From there I get the title "The Good Guy."  Its true, good guys finish last.  I need to know how to make myself more attractive.  I have one woman in particular I'm interested in, but with no real plan to make an attempt here I am stuck on a computer at 3 am grasping at straws.  If I don't figure this out soon I feel like I'm going to find myself alone in a home waiting for my turn to die. 
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I feel exactly the same way. Dating sucks and everyone has so much baggage...idk

Hello, I can sympathise with you as I feel the same way. Being single, free and independent is lonely and empty. I hope that you find someone soon so that your life will be fulfilled and happy. Being alone is a living death emotionally.