Thank You, Woman I "thought" I'd Spend My Life Together With.

well you've crushed me, i don't have the confidence to go outside
to meet new women
to be happy again

this phobia, and anger has stayed with me for the passed 3 years, since we've spoke
since you threw me in the trash
and you're happy now, not giving a damn about my life.
while you spend your sundays having fun with your stupid boyfriend
while i spend my sundays all alone, STUDYING

we could have been friends
we could have still talked
but you were stupid, and had to hurt me

thanks for all the hurt
i'll be taking it to the grave.
unless i find someone that's normal
joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 29, 2012

I'm sorry for that.. But she doesn't worth it..Does she? You're ruining your life and for someone who doesn't even worth it.. I know it's easier to say it then actually doing it, but you have to let go of the hate and anger and live your life.. it's for your own good, trust me you'll feel horrible for wasting your life with sadness and anger and she doesn't worth it.

yeah you're right, they say happiness is the best revenge

do it for yourself not for anyone..