I'm scared I am gonna end up an old cat lady and die of sneezing cause I am highly allergic to them.
I get liked by the boys I want to keep as friends and am afraid to flirt with the guys like just cause my mom told me that girls who flirt are ***** when I was younger. Messed me up for a long time.
I'm afraid I am never going to find someone that i actually love back. There are so many damn rules in society. My mothers voice rings in my head every time I attempt to get flirty or try something. Why can't I just go up to the boy I like, kiss him like he had never been kissed Before and just tell him straight up I like him. Then nobody would confuse my friendships for feelings or my ignorance of the guys I like for snobbery. I wish it was just that simple.
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Same here I fear of going to prom alone, but that's okay I guess......ill just take mercy!! (That's the name if my sax) and ill take a prom pic with her!! She'll always be loyal 2 me. :)