I Am Artistic, But I Don't Want To Be An Artist

I think art is a very personal experience, both in reflecting on it and in creating it (or trying to create it).  Today though, it seems everyone has something to say, everyone has something to show to the world...be it through actual 'art' (as it is usually defined), through personal appearance, through one's work, through one's talents/abilities, and on and on.  People express themselves all over the place, and I think it makes quite a mess...but then again, what's wrong with that? I'm expressing myself right now through this story, therefore, really...I already AM an artist. But no way would I want to make a living out of it (though several people have told me I should...which is also pretty annoying).  I think I will never stop being an artist and exploring myself through art...but I actually don't see any need for me to make a living through art. Because if you think about it, anything you could think to create, or say...is probably already being done by 25 other people at this very moment :)
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Is stripping an art?

of course...why? do you want to perform for me?

Ummm no but, wanted to get clarification incase I wanted to get a job stripping...it would be better if I could call myself a professional artist!