You Are All Contrilled

All of you here say you don't want to be controlled, yet I have received not one offer to buy my, evil space alien, control pills.  All of you know that the Evil Pushky is intent on implanting chips in your brains and controlling you so as to use you as human batteries and later as the entree at one of his feasts. 

My pills, the Anti,Sinister, Spacealien Control, Away, Pills or *** CAPs are on a two for one speical this week.  Order a packet of five for only 19.95 and we throw in a Commander Pushky action figure for free.

Perhaps you've seen my commercial.  "Beware the space aliens and their rectal probes.  Get you *** CAPed before it's too late."

Hurry - the offer ends when I make enough money for a plane ticket to Brazil.



levin60kitty levin60kitty
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Then you can finance my trip to the Carribeans! LOL