I'm scared of myself. I'm scared that if I stay, i'll continue to feel this way, if I go, im letting go of what my life could've been. The problem is that I don't see what my life could bring. I don't see myself being any use, I don't see my future, and I want to, it's just that I'm inside my head and the negative thoughts are taking over me and i'm afraid if I keep letting them, i'll just have to give up. I just know i'm lost and I can't think of any possible explination for the questions I continue to think up.
ast313 ast313
18-21, F
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Ast313, you're a beautiful young lady. Please find someone to talk to...support here is good but make sure you find a school counselor, maybe a teacher who you trust to talk to. Try talking to your parents... You might be surprised. Nothing tried, nothing done. But please don't keep everything inside, it's not good for your emotional, mental or physical health. I'm also here if you want to talk. Remember you are special and you are made for a purpose that only you can fulfill. Don't give up, hon.

You don't have to give up. You're still young and beautiful. Depression IS an illness though and if you wanna get through it, you need a therapist.

If I share my feelings with anyone especially my parents, they'll just think im seeking attention.. God this is insane I never thought this would be me

You have to prove you're not looking for attention.. Let them feelings out.. To anyone..

The bottling up isn't good.. Trust me, it eats you up

That's why I came here.. It's easier when you don't know anyone

Find someone worthy of your trust and talk to them whenever you need to

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