Dont Want To Be Alone And Depressed

i HAD A DREAM WHEN I WAS A KID OF HAVEING A FAMILY  AND BEING ABLE TO BE HAPPY. I got married when i was 21 years old meet my frist real love when i was 19 and moved in with her when i grad from high school. Man i wish i didnt do that now she took it all when she left me the house all that was paid by me for the 10 years we where together. Now im lost and dont know what do to or t talk with about this i tried for anti drugs for deppression that didnt work for me talking to a person that just doesnt know what your going thrugh and telling you welll its you and yourself that you need to change. Well i cooked cleaned did lundry and made sure she had enough money to pay bills with. Stayed home and didnt make friends do to she didnt want me two. Now im alone and lost to the world as we all see it I cant get out of bed in the morning without crying knowing there is no one there to say hi to in the morning or be able to talk with someone when i need two. I dont know what to do right now but at this point i just need to talk with people that can give good edvise and would like to talk and listen

ddayton85 ddayton85
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Thank you would you have any suggions on finding who i am or any good suggions on how i can relaxe im to hpe and try to find to keep me self buzy