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I Dont Wanna Do This Alone But Im So Fattttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

im 20yr old i have one kid iam to fat  im 305lb im so unhappy i feel like i cant move or breth i want one more kid but its been to hard to get pregnant being fat i dont like to do thing alone like walkin i dont realy have friends dont trust just anybody and it feels so har and food i buy is wat i can affored to live off idk wat to do any more i wanna be skinny and healthy for myself and my daughter so we can both be happyer so mommy will have more energy to play and run and wanna laugh and not care whos looking or wat they might say about how big iam im just so sad and feel alone some one help me plezzzzzzzzzzzz
mirr5108 mirr5108 18-21, F 6 Responses Jun 17, 2011

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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online

One super health food I found is avocado pits. You can eat the pit of an avocado, but it is very bitter, although it will fill you up quite a bit, make you feel a lot healthier and probably help you lose weight faster or even increase your fertility (it increased my libido greatly). As for dealing with criticism; you need self-esteem. You need to accept your current state to some extent. A woman named Virgie Tovar has videos on YouTube which I believe are extremely accurate and very empowering for bigger women. I understand you are not very well off, but you can stay at a bigger weight and still have good things come your way.

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Hey if you have a facebook( i'm sure you do) then please look up my page: it works** Marquita. This is a great line of products and they REALLY work. I am also a mom of one and gained alot of weight while pregnant and well let's just say that my son is 2 now and i'm just losing the weight and inches because of this line of products.. .I hope that I can help you..