Help! My Fat Is Controlling My Life!

I am 25 years old and ever since I was 14 I have been having weight issues, now that I have two kids my life seems to be spiraling out of control. I absolutely LOVE my kids, but i have been so busy caring for them that I have neglected myself. I go to sleep tired and I wake up tired, I am 5'4 weighing 230. I can't take this anymore, I want to be fit and trim. My husband isn't intimate anymore, and my 4 year old is starting to ask me WHY I'm fat. I have tried to stick to a diet and I just can't, if I eat the things I'm supposed to eat, I start feeling nauseous, I prefer NOT to eat rather than eat the same thing over and over again. I don't like to go out Anymore either, I find every excuse to stay home, I get so down that I just want to sleep all day. I refuse to buy myself clothes, I have had the same clothes for 5 years, which include only 2 pairs of pants a handful of shirts. I hate meeting new people because I'm afraid that they're judging me.... Someone please help me!! I don't want to live like this anymore. I want to change.
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Wow you sound just like me except im only 20 with 2 kids and i weigh 240 pounds message me I know something that will really help you. it is helping me and it has helped alot of my close friends and family.

You can email me at! :)

Hello, Everyone prays for a miracle at some point in his life. Maybe this can be a miracle for you.<br />
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Would you mind if I offered to help you lose weight? I know it is not my business. But this is the best I can do for someone else. I know of a product that was designed for people like you. It is called ASAP. It is from Youngevity which is a very reputable company. I should know since I am one of their associates. <br />
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But let's talk about you. ASAP programs your body to burn fat first. All you do is put 3 drops under your tongue and you will begin to lose inches and pounds. The average user loses about 1 pound per day. The best part is it is completely safe, 100% natural and there are no side effects. You can read about it here on my blog: .<br />
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Cheers, Patrick

I am the same way, I don't relate easily to other people, I end up looking like a weirdo because I just stand there and don't say anything... It's hard to add in my two cents when the girl who's talking is complaining about being a size 5, and how she can't find clothes to wear :/ I would rather just stay quiet than admitt I am a size 18 and that I would kill to be ten sizes smaller. I can't afford a separate meal plan either. I try to do portions sizes but I end up still hungry and it gets harder when there's too much leftover and u know that no ones gonna touch it once it goes to the fridge. I'm stuck in a rut

I'm 32 with 4 kids and I feel the same way...maybe worse. I don't have the money to eat a separate meal plan from my family and I have no energy to do anything let alone work out. I need help too.

I'm young and overweight. I hate seeing my friends with their boyfriends and being the odd one out. I can't relate to their conversations. I don't know what to do anymore...

Hey!! <br />
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I wanted to tell you I can relate to the weight issues! I was fat for the longest time! I hated taking my shirt off at the pool and the lake and I finally decided to take control and now I am a college athlete and a good one at that! I tried diets but like you I can't eat the same things everyday! I would stay on the diet for about a week or 2 and then relapse and begin eating junk again, but I found something that helped me, my family, and hundreds of others lose the weight and keep it off. Do you like drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks? Well something I found out while battling my weight is that caffeine actually stores fat within your body. I am a major coffee addict and all I did was drink the product and work out and it helped me get my life back. It is called Boresha Coffee and it works wonders! I just started my mom on it 2 weeks ago and she is already 20 lbs lighter and has lost 4 inches around her waist! I was skeptical at first when I heard about it because I have tried the "fab" diets and spent so much money on BS that didn't work. The person who introduced me to the product gave me some free samples and I saw a difference and continued on with the product and now I achieved my dream of wrestling in college. The woman who introduced me to this product lost 80 lbs and continues to lose more weight! She at one time wanted to end her life because she looked in the mirror every single morning hating who was looking back. Her story is the most inspirational story ever! I will send you a link to hear it on youtube. Please check it out because her story inspired me to lose the weight I did! If you are the least bit interested please email me at I would love to get you in contact with her so you can start living again! I feel so strongly about this product that I have been spreading the word about it to anybody who needs to regain their life back. <br />
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Keep up the good work! You will achieve your goal eventually if you continue to work! Something I have tattooed on my arm that my grandma would tell me before she passed away is to "Believe" When you believe in yourself and the cause you are fighting for anything is possible and I am now a firm believer! <br />
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Stay strong and BELIEVE!! It's possible trust me!! <br />
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God Bless!! <br />
Justin Martin

What's the ins and outs of it. Do I have to eat very little?? What sort of exercises should I do????