Being Big Is Getting Annoying

Ok so I am 21 years old you would think that I am having a great old time being young and free but no, I  just sit in the house all day because I don't want people looking at me funny   I have never in my life had a boyfriend before, the closes  that I ever came to having a boyfriend was on the Internet he was awesome and we were the same age 16, in the same grade and everything else, he was just to sexy and I was this fat person with low self esteem, I never showed him my real picture because I was ashamed of how I looked, so long story short I ended up falling in love with him and ended up hurting myself because I could never be with him so we broke up. I hate when people look pass me as if I am not even there, its like I could be walking with all my friends and a guy would walk up and look at everybody but me, I just end up walking away, so very sad. I never had my first kiss, never had a high school sweet heart I wanted one so badly though I really truly did want one, so when prom time came around everyone had a date and I had to lie about having one so pathetic, even now at 21 I still can't get a guy SUCKS. I am scared that I might get diabetes or something else, I want to be healthy and live a long, full, happy life.

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I was and still am the same way but just skinner. All my life had a weight problem then my own mother got me into this business called regeneca. All natural weight loss energy gain and it has changed my life and many others forever. As long as you do want to lose weight I can most certainly help you. I will send you free samples and get you on a right path. Also good for diabetes helps with blood pressure and chelosterol issues ! Please message me anything that can help
Wth this product it doesn't keep u from eating what u want , you'll just want to eat less this Is not a spam like everything else

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you and i are in the same boat. and as you mentioned, you cant get a guy. what guy wouldnt love you for your personality or your sweetness? heaven knows i would. if i was your guy, we could motivate each other and help each other and overcome this together. if you wish to talk more, message me.

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I totally agree with you, I don't want to wait around and end up having diabetes or some other diseases, I don't want to have to be on meds for the rest of my life!!!

U are not alone in this . I've been struggling with myself to lose weight . i'm still overweight and we have to end this struggle . it wont be easy but we have to do it , before we get sick . so its time to change , don't u think so ?! :)

I'm 21 going through the same thing, if you would like to talk to someone message me :)

Hello, Everyone prays for a miracle at some point in his life. Maybe this can be a miracle for you.<br />
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Would you mind if I offered to help you lose weight? I know it is not my business. But this is the best I can do for someone else. I know of a product that was designed for people like you. It is called ASAP. It is from Youngevity which is a very reputable company. I should know since I am one of their associates. <br />
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good luck!!

I feel for you! I was fat for the longest time! I hated taking my shirt off at the pool and the lake and I finally decided to take control and now I am a college athlete and a good one at that! I tried diets but couldn't stay away from the foods I craved like pizza, and cheese burgers but I found something that helped me, my family, and hundreds of others lose the weight and keep it off. Do you like drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks? Well something I found out while battling my weight is that caffeine actually stores fat within your body. I am a major coffee addict and I came across this stuff that helped me get my life back. It is called Boresha Coffee and it works wonders! I just started my mom on it 2 weeks ago and she is already 20 lbs lighter and has lost 4 inches around her waist! I was skeptical at first when I heard about it because I have tried the "fab" diets and spent so much money on BS that didn't work. The person who introduced me to the product gave me some free samples and I saw a difference and continued on with the product and now I achieved my dream of wrestling in college. The woman who introduced me to this product lost 80 lbs and continues to lose more weight! She at one time wanted to end her life because she looked in the mirror every single morning hating who was looking back. Her story is the most inspirational story ever! I will send you a link to hear it on youtube. Please check it out because her story inspired me to lose the weight I did! If you are the least bit interested please email me at I would love to get you in contact with her so you can start living again! I feel so strongly about this product that I have been spreading the word about it to anybody who needs to regain their life back. <br />
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Keep up the good work! You will achieve your goal eventually if you continue to work! Something I have tattooed on my arm that my grandma would tell me before she passed away is to "Believe" When you believe in yourself and the cause you are fighting for anything is possible and I am now a firm believer! <br />
<br />
Stay strong and BELIEVE!! It's possible trust me!!

I work for a health and wellness company and I can help you! I work with some of the best weight loss coaches in the world! Deni Hill being one of them, She was the at home winner from the Biggest Loser on the Pink Team. if you are interested contacting me I am on Facebook, Dianna Lindahl Adams

1) Make up your mind that you really want to change because it's going to take everything you've got inside to stick with it. <br />
2) Eat less. Eat smaller meals every 3-4 hours. Eat slow - enjoy it. Try to stay away from eating in front of the tv or computer. Cut back on the junk, increase your intake of fruits and veggies. <br />
3) Water. Water. Water. No more sodas and those 100% juices are full of sugar. <br />
4) Move more. Make little changes. Walk instead of drive, don't park next to the door. In fact, walk for at least 30 minutes a day.<br />
5) Start a food/activity diary. It's amazing how much we eat ... and we don't even realize it. <br />
6) Forget about the past. Focus on the present. Take care of yourself, put yourself first sometimes. And make sure you sleep! <br />
<br />
This is coming from someone with a bit of experience here. I'm still working to reach my goals, but I'm getting closer each and every day. It's a change of lifestyle and attitude. Don't let life pass you by anymore!