since a year ago it feels like my life is falling apart. I used to be the happiest girl. I was always noticed for my constant smiling in school and questioned by my own friends as to how i was always so happy. thats all changed now and i dont understand why.

i have a family who care about me a lot, friends who support me so much and a boyfriend who loves me, but yet i still feel this emptiness day after day and i cant make it stop. it like my whole body is empty and my emotions are completely numb. nothing makes me happy and only severe tragedies could make me sad and all the other emotions that exist are non existent to me. i feel nothing.

each day goes by and i feel like im wasting my life away. its the same routine every day, wake up, put on a smile, join in in meaningless chatter with the people around me, go back to sleep and repeat.

i feel like i dont want to be here anymore, like its an effort to live and it would be easier to just not be alive.
livingwithdepression livingwithdepression
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014