Ever, Ever Again.

"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

I don't know who said this, but they were so full of ****. I don't want to feel. At all. Ever.

I'm sure I'm just over reacting, but I don't care anymore. I just don't want to feel ever, ever again. I'm sick of it. It brings me NOTHING but pain.

My original intention of posting this was to explain what happened, but now I don't want to talk about it. I don't even want to think about it.

I am about to give you the best advice anyone could ever give or receive. NEVER let yourself fall in love.
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Feelings are always hard to deal with but if you try again you could find something wonderful. But try to keep your head up and do things that make you happy. Thanks for your post. I have been feeling the same way.

I agree with you. Love hurts. It's better to be alone and not have anyone around to hurt you like that ever again. Once you fall in love you will get hurt at some point in time. I don't want to hurt anymore I rather be alone and not hurt. I rather not feel anything. I don't want too. But then I think about my plans I had for the future and wonder would I ever have the two children I always wanted (I love children) and I want to have two but I don't want a man in my life to take my love for granted and all I get in return for my love is heartache. I plan to get a donor and have my babies. I have had my share of hurts from the ones I've loved and never me again. I am afraid of trusting anyone ever again. I can't and I don't trust anyone again, especially with my heart.

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That is really sad. I know exactly where you are, I hurt for 3 long years after my divorce and even though that evil man hurt me so bad (and still tries through our kids) and ive had other men who were MADLY in love with me, I just have to share this with you<br />
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Growing up....there were two old maids in my parents church. They were the sweetest ladies who would do anything for anyone and had a great love for children. Never in my life would i have imagined (both of them) upon having heartfelt talks with them at separate times (one on her deathbed) They related to me that their biggest pain was to have NEVER felt loved, to have felt unworthy although they knew for a fact they were well loved, they just both longed for an INTIMATE level..the level of love that God gives , the one we are born with<br />
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I have had two painful divorces and an engagement to the sweetest man in the world that was throttled and shortened by disaster, and i have to tell you. It IS better to have loved than to have never have felt or KNOWN what love feels like . . . .

i hate being in love now they say be careful what you wish for. im paying the price, early in the relationship things were great but as soon as we got engaged things turned sour aaaargh love is stress. we both say nasty mean things to each other and my partner only seems to think that love is sex not cuddleing or kisssing it is frustrateing. he moans about most stupid things an we hit eachother nearly all the time my msg to romantic love... it effin stinks x

thanks for the advice, seeing i learnt not to love the HARD way. i wrote some stories about my hopeless love life and one person told me that exact saying: "better to have loved and lost than never loved" and i have to say you are right, their full of s***. Why should i keep loving when i never get anything back, i wont tell my story because its depressing but yeah, maybe if i never loved i never would have cried.

what do you mean, "let yourself fall in love?" what if it's love at first sight? and you love everything they do? and they like you enough that you believe you have a chance - which is much worse, since it strengthens the hopeless love. it's so much better if they don't like you. it's easy to not love somebody if they dis you; but when they're kind, on top of your uncontrollable love for them, that is the killer. since it doesn't let you move on. <br />
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btw i believe love conquers all. most people are way too selfish to love, therefore misunderstand that statement.

"Fairy tales will tell you that love conquers all; that is the single most insidious lie I know."<br />
^ By the man I love, who loves me just as much, even though we cannot be together.

I dont know if i agree. You see i want to love agian. My problem is that i have loved someone for four years and i dont want to. It does nothing but cause me pain. I just want it to go away

I never want to be in love again! EVER...You are so right...that quote is so wrong...I don't want to hurt like that ever again!