Everyone Who I Trusted.

This year has been a really interesting one for me. Interesting in the `my whole life is a lie and what do I do` kind of way. At the end of last year I found out my parents have kept a secret and lied to me about it my whole life.
My parents, aka my mother, has told me the stories about how they met. Mostly because of my persistence of knowing everything and loving how perfect and romantic our families beginning was. My mom was about my age when she left for college. She lived in Quebec and decided to go to Ontario for school. She met my dad and from the first time they met they were instantly drawn into eachother. After months of being with eachother, they had my brother. Then they had me two years later. After a while they decided to get married because they were still so in love and wanted to be with eachother for the rest of their lives ..........
Fast forward to the end of last year when I`m told by my brother, while we were both kind of drunk and at a party, that he was my half brother. Obviously, I was in complete shock as my drunk mind tried to fit the pieces together. So basically, my parents lied to me my whole life. It`s not the whole half brother part that I`m sad about, I love my brother no matter what and he will always be my brother. What really makes me mad and sad and everything else is that they didn`t tell me the truth. In the 19 years of my life they made up a story and never bothered telling me the truth. I don`t see how they couldn`t see that I would eventually find out. I also couldn`t believe that my brother, who I consider the person I`m closest to and I share everything with, kept this from me also. And my whole entire family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles. I don`t understand at all why they chose to cover it up. It`s not the truth that hurts, it`s the secrets they kept and the lies they told me instead.
Most of the people reading this probably think I`m over reacting or something, lol.
And I admit that I probably am in a way. I can`t blame my grandparents, uncles, and aunts for keeping it from me as it wasn`t their business and responsibility of telling me. However, I do plan on blaming my parents. Not my brother as much, since he was told by my mom when I was 15 that I knew from my cousin telling me. Which is also a lie.
How I love my parents and the things that they do.
TheSmellOfWinter TheSmellOfWinter
18-21, F
May 16, 2012