lying is one thing i have a really hard time forgiving.

i just cant fathom being friends with someone who feels completely fine looking into my eyes and lying to me.

and really, what's the point? your lies will entangle themselves. choking you. until you fall. hard.

if you'd tell the truth in the first place, even if it hurts someone, chances are all parties will be happier in the long run. you'll also gain respect.

i'm sick of the lies. it makes me so incredibly angry. so i'm finished. writing off a hand full of people. i've given multiple chances. they still cant seem to learn.

so it's over. no more lies. no more bs.

gypsysoul gypsysoul
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I absolutely hate to be lied to and for people to lie about me. What I hate more are the people that do that. It nauseates me that I have a family that for some reason likes to make things up about me. Hey, I am no angel and I do wrong sometimes and make mistakes but these ppl do NOT have a clue what I do day to day yet they somehow manage to fool themselves and others into believing they are the expert on me. I am always, ALWAYS, the first to admit when I am wrong. I conduct myself in a manner that harms no one. Not even myself. Still, like I said, I am not perfect but I am definitely not a low down snake in the grass. People literally make up stories about something I did when I have not even seen them in over 2 years. Their misery loves company but I am not going to be the companion they are seeking. They can be miserable all by their lonesome.

i dont like to be lied too but i can forgive i also dont care for thieves but undertand it more now with the economy falling!