How Long The Hell You Think You Can Hide These From Me!

So all these times I was lied to. I used to think that my family is the happiest family that ever exist. I've known some of my friend's, and they're not like my parents. Mine is different. They just look so sweet, kissed everywhere, and so romantic. They look for us, their kids, and never let us fall. But it was long back then, before a few days ago when I knew the truth.......

We all know that my father is an over-sexual person. We've caught him many times watching ****, and even having sex with my mom. He has a special phone he didnt let anyone touch. My brother was curious about that. We both thought it must be collections of **** film. But when i watched it.... I didnt know how to breath anymore. There are twenty or so videos about my mom having sex with someone I've never known. And all the videos showed that my mom was amused and really enjoy it. I mean, lets say my mother cheated on someone, but why is it on my dad's phone? My dad wanted to see a **** film with my mom as a star? But why he didnt do it himself? I have no idea he lets someone did that to my mom!

Later I observed about what happened actually. I got some clue in message from my dad to my mom mostly said "youre there? Dont forget to make sensual video" or something. Start from 2 months ago my mom always went to a fitness centre and came back really late. And she's been on her friend's til morning! I just cant believe it!! What is the problem with you guys?! Then on my dad's phone a bubble said "so tonight you choose your husband over me?" then my mom replied "yes, it's been 2 days." oh i just cant hold it anymore! All I have say in my class last year is that my family was so calm and happy with no struggle. But now what:(

They dont know if I knew, but all the time I saw them I just want to scream in front of them. I want explanation! Who's actually the husband! They act happy and normally in front of me, and I'm sick of their pretending!

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Same I kept my secret long enough now, I'm actually the EMENY of my parent's life.