Different Characters And Different Stories... Same Endings

Well im just a nice kid who likes to make people laugh. But i have this problem.... i feel lonely most of the time. And it's probably due to the fact that i've never had a gf, i dont know how it feels to have someone care about you, it's always me whose caring about them.

im a nice person, you need help? i'll do what i can. And people take advantige of that, they use me then spit me out. And THEN things work out for'em (not that i want something bad to happen to them) all im trying to do is find someone whose nice and who wont use and abuse me. But it never happens alll i do is meet these "well intentioned people" who keep screwing me over and the worst are the ones who say that they care about you, but they turn out to be the coldest people you've ever met. I've delt with lonelyness all my life and it's never easy. all im asking for is a break..... cant i be happy just once??
Qispo Qispo
Sep 20, 2012