The Letter.

this is a letter i want to send a really good person that i care about a lot and that is really close to me but there is a very big thing thats holding us apart.

your the first person i think of to come to wheni dont get something going on in my head,
i know that you wont judge me..
but the thing is im too embarrassed to say anything about whats on my mind when im with you
because the only thing on my mind is how everything about you is absolute perfection and all i wanna do is make you smile and love you till forever

its a short letter but i think it has a lot of meaning and i need to find a way to get around the thing thats holding us apart
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5 Responses May 26, 2010

i have mixed feelings about it in the sense that i feel exactly the same way about someone. but last night, i figured it was the right time to talk to them about it, knowing they where the motivation behind my life, and found out that the feeling was not mutual. so now i sit back on square one trying to find something in life to care about... </3 <-- that emoticon type thing isnt even close to how crushed i feel right now btw, i have a crushed up powder in my chest now replacing my heart.

Life IS short. Do it. personlly, I will never have any regrets, ever.

Yaa its breathing .. thanks for sharing... that person is lucky ..

Without knowing the big thing holding you back I would say that life is too short to have regrets. Put yourself out there. Too speak your mind and be hurt by the outcome is better than wondering what might have been. This thing you are holding onto is also holding you back from experiencing other wonderful things in life.<br />
<br />

please comment and tell me what you thinkk (: